How it Started

Culpitt Roofing was founded in the 1940’s by Joseph E. Culpitt. He built the first roofing machine which manufactures a panel out of flat stock metal. A tractor was used to pull the first sheet of metal through the roofing machine and then history began. For more than 60 years Culpitt Roofing has installed their values of quality and reliability on the rooftops of numerous buildings across the upper Midwest.  

The Modern Culpitt Roof

The roofing machines at Culpitt Roofing now have motors and do not need the assistance of a tractor. However; customization of every job is still practiced at Culpitt Roofing. Every roof is different and Culpitt Roofing has over 60 years of crafting the perfect roofs. A Culpitt Roof is a life long investment that is customized for you. Call us and you will never replace your roof again. 

The Product

Culpitt Roofing uses only the best product available for roof installation. Some of the highlights include: 

  • -Purchasing first generation steel ore which ensure the longevity of the roof.
  • -Our steel is colored with a hot application paint process. This paint process prevents fading and rusting of the roof, which means you will have a beautiful roof that will not fail for decades.
  • -Reflects rays from the sun which will keep your home cool during the summer months and reduce your energy bill.
  • -Can be installed over a shingled roof. This eliminates the need for tear off of your current roof and reduces installation costs.
  • -Custom manufactured on site to meet every need!
  • -Increased home value.
  • -Preferred roofs for solar installs.
  • -30 different color options
  • -Lasts longer than a lifetime.

See our CGM color options here

See our Firestone color options here