Many homeowners are scared by the installation costs of a metal roof. Sometimes it can be three times the cost of a shingle roof. However; like the purchase of a home, business, or agricultural building your roof is an investment. Your roof is your investments first line of defense against the outside elements.


Metal roofs have a reputation in the industry to last a lifetime. Metal roofing requires less maintenance and of course less replacing. Some estimates figure that shingle roofs need to be replaced as much as 3 times before a metal roof would need replacing.

Besides requiring little to no replacement and maintenance costs metal roofing has the ability to reflect the sun’s rays which reduces cooling costs during warmer seasons.

Like all investments metal roofs have a high upfront cost. However; the years of savings from roof maintenance and replacements, cooling costs, and an adequately protected investment will prove that metal roofing was the best options for your home.

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